08 de novembre 2006

TV series fan

Since I'm here in Finland, I don't have any TV so I can only watch what I download. Due to the lack of interest in the P2P networks, I only want to download through the so called "Direct Download" places and therefore the files I download can't be very big. The result of all this is that I have started to follow four different American TV Series, three of them are new ones. - Lost: I have been following this series over the past years. I started watching it in Spanish at TVE, a Spanish channel, and then, thanks to a friend of mine whose nickname is cujo, I started watching the second season in English and so I'm doing with the third one, which is currently being shown at ABC in the USA. I must say that I believed that series to be like the stupid version of Big Brother called "Supervivientes", but once I started watching it, I couldn't stop it. I liked it the most when the second season started and everything concerning the hatch and the island misteries was relatively discovered. - Prison Break: I don't really know how I heard about this fantastic series (I think I confused it with Oz or something like that), the only thing that I know is that I got trapped into while I was in the Euskal Encounter. I downloaded the whole first season while I was in it and I started watching it when I arrived home. It took me 5 days to watch the ~22 episodes of the first season, it was a completely non-stop. This one is the Prime Time series of FOX and of course it is now being displayed at the Spanish channel called "La sexta", even though the timetables are not really regular (shit happens with Spanish channels and famous American series). - Heroes: Thanks to my addiction to blogs about the previously mentioned series, I discovered Heroes and I even download the pre-air episode before it was displayed at NBC. This series really looks like 4400 but without being that bad (I have to say that the third season of this series has really dissapointed me) but it emphasaizes in their lives instead. There's only a few episodes but they are really eye-catching. - Jericho: I stepped into this one by chance, mainly because I needed another series in my life. This series is the prime time of CBS and it is about a nuclear attack to the USA, very interesting to see since they are the ones who are attacking right now. The most interesting thing is that it seems to be a kind of undercover conspiration under all that, but I would not be the one to discover it to you. So, as you may have noticed, I like only American TV series and it is the only thing I watch in here in order to practice English and also to keep me entertained :D

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malini ha dit...

but from where could you get the direct download links?? I am in France and I am also in the same situation like you and I don't want to use P2P.

GraP ha dit...

There are places like fvkey87.googlepages.com (check out all his links also) and also the well known page of vagos.es where you can find a large amount of links.
There is another good link for lost: lostdescargas.blogspot.com
You will be able to download the latest links from each series' forum, for example you have heroesforo.com and so on
unfortunately, all the links I have just given are in spanish, bug I think they are quite understandable